11 Aug 2013

Here at The Projects, we know that all good things must come to an end, so with a heavy heart we announce the last show at The Projects. But it's not all nostalgia, the show features an amazing line up of artists affiliated with the hills – Deb Bain-King, Nicole Breedon, Kiera Brew Kurec, Brydie Dyson, Aimee Fairman, Greatest Hits, Jenny Hall, Nickk Hertzhog, Natalie Holloway, Kate Just, Rowan Mason, Scott Miles, Adelle Mills, Paradise Structures, Lizzi Parker Green, Sean Peoples,  Kenny Pittock, Clare Rae, Hannah Raisin, Kiron Robinson, Sarah Robinson, Kate Rohde and Maara Serwylo. 

With the opening on this Saturday, we're currently installing, and the show is looking really exciting. Please join us for a celebratory drink this Saturday between 4 and 7, everyone is welcome. We are also hosting GIFT SHOP a market and bake sale the following weekend, featuring jewelry, homewares, plants, fashion and treats made by the artists.

15th Aug - 1st Sep

24th - 25th
2 day artist market and bake sale, including clothing, jewelry, objects, things, plants, pots and food made by artists – Come and buy something!

The Projects
Thur - Sun 12 - 5pm
Shop 7 Belgrave Arcade

Directions from Belgrave train station:
at the train station walk up the ramp and turn right, and continue up Blacksmiths Way up to the main street. Belgrave arcade is directly across Burwood Hwy.

1 Jul 2013

Sean Peoples

Sean Peoples
Objects of our Lives
4th - 14th of July
Opening reception Saturday the 6th of July 4 - 7 pm
Thurs - Sun 2 - 5 pm

 "Like sands through an hourglass so are the objects of lives"

Sean Peoples graduated from the Victorian College of Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2006. His recent solo and group shows include 'Supreme Universal Order: Alpha of Alpha, Omega' and "Channel G" both at West Space. He has undertaken an Australian Council for the Arts Barcelona residency and a Bundanon Trust residency. Sean is one half of The Telepathy Project, a collaboration formed in 2005 with artist Veronica Kent. Recent Telepathy Project exhibitions and performances have been held at WestSpace, Gertrude Contemporary, [en]counters Mumbai), and Musée de l’Objet (France).

17 Jun 2013

Adelle Mills
Close Terms
20th 30th of June 
Opening reception Saturday the 22nd of June 4 - 7 pm
Thurs - Sun 2 - 5 pm

Adelle Mills's partly choreographed group actions rely on an initial score from which the first directions are given. Group actions - turning of the side, looking twice, repeating that direction - are organized into video compositions with participants in slight numbers who perform in situ. From here copied gestures decrease in accuracy and move into interpretation, gaining fluency and difference. Videos are set on tables - singularly or in pairs - according to the composition manifold within each score. Working with people, place, furniture, surveillance, objects and time Mills's works attend to and require comparison, direction, chance and organization. 

4 Jun 2013

Hannah Raisin and Will Heathcote

Back Soon
Opening reception Sat 8th of June 4 - 7 pm
6th - 16th of June
Thurs - Sun 12 - 5pm

In 1990 William Rex Heathcote used offcuts from his fathers wood-shop to
craft his first television.

In 1993 Hannah Beth Raisin used beeswax crayons to create an almost photo real portrait of her family pet Benny.

25 years later Will still works with timber and Hannah continues to make pictures with her rabbit. As a selection of these personally pivotal early works and more recent projects, their exhibition Back Soon, tells a story of making, of responding to surroundings and developing new outcomes.  It maps their individually developed and continuing interest in ideas of wilderness, both real and imagined. Since 2012, this shared focus has culminated in numerous site-specific expeditions in both Australia and Indonesia. The title back soon reflects on the curiously ever cycling nature of creative interest and asks what starts and drives an artistic practice?

20 May 2013

Deb Bain King
A Feeling For Trees

Opening reception:Saturday the 25th of May 4 -7pm
Shop 71647 Burwood Hwy Belgrave
Opening times:Thursday to Sunday
12 - 5 pm
23rd May  - 2nd of June


The people who live in the Dandenong Ranges call it the Hills. In many ways Hills people lead a double life. Usually in order to earn a living, each morning they travel quite a distance, and then in the evening come back to life in the Hills. They migrate each day. My father was no different. Each morning at 6am he would leave home and drive to Richmond, where he worked as a mechanic and truck driver. At the end of the day just on night fall he would return to the Hills and his garden, graced by magnificent trees. This exhibition of photographs and video installation looks at the connections Hills people feel for their garden environment on the fringe of outer suburban Melbourne. 
Deb Bain-King- artist

Deb Bain-King grew up in Monbulk and now lives in Footscray. She works with photography, video and installation in ways that invite audiences to enter into relationship with her artworks. 
Deb’s art work has been staged in Xian Yang, Beijing Tokyo, Palermo, and the Shetland Isles and in many Melbourne gallery’s. Deb also works collaboratively with other artists and has wide experience with various collaborative art groups such as Space Pork Adventures which led to her taking part in the +Plus Factors Commonwealth Games Art Program in 2006 at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Current projects include curating a new art space at Docklands as part of Renew Australia’s project to reinvigorate the Docklands precinct.  She hopes that A Feeling For Trees, is just the beginning of an ongoing body of work that looks at the way residents in fringe suburban and urban communities relate to their environment.

5 May 2013


Opening reception:Saturday the 11th of May
4 -7pm
Featuring Waterfall PersonShop 7, Belgrave Arcade
1647 Burwood Hwy Belgrave

Opening times:Thursday to Sunday
12 - 5 pm
9th - 19th of May

Objects call out to each other over space, mimicking forms and aspiring at functions: a shirt that wants to be a laser show; old blinds that want to be picnic rugs that want to be tennis courts; fabric that wants to hold water and be a vase; paintings that mirror objects and text found in the Belgrave arcade. Paradise Structures is a collaboration between siblings Alana and Annabelle Kingston who employ textiles, telepathy, wood, plants, plastics, paint and ceramics to create multifunctional structures. Their show at the Projects will focus on objects, clothing, furniture and paintings that have two or more potential purposes or configurations. 

1 May 2013

Thank you

 A big thank you to all of those who helped us meet our crowdfunding target of $5000. The funds will go towards rent, printing and our education program. The Projects would have been an extremely difficult project to get up and going without your support, so to all of you who made a contribution, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Expect to be receiving your rewards very soon!

xo The Projects

Last Week of Drumming Circle

Thursday through Sunday will see the final week of Nicole Breedon's show Drumming Circle. The forecast for this weekend is currently fine, and autumn leaves turning, this weekend is the perfect one to make the trek from the city, if you haven't already.

The show features two large sculptural works, and a smaller wall work.
Drumming Circle  explores a number of cultural paraphernalia, such as drumming, basketball and paint samples by combining them with visual puns and play-on-words to invert, disable or multiply their significance. 

The Projects is open Thur–Sun 12–5pm

22 Apr 2013


Opening reception:
Saturday the 27th of April
4 -7pm
Shop 7, Belgrave Arcade
1647 Burwood Hwy Belgrave

Opening times:
Thursday to Sunday
12 - 5 pm
25th of April - 5th of May

Nicole Breedon is an Australian artist working with a variety of mediums and processes, often using traditional object making techniques, such as woodcarving, various textile processes, lost-wax casting and oil painting; as well as video. Breedon’s work seeks to uncover esoteric and sometimes paradoxical relationships between objects and images, drawing connections through comparisons of colour, pattern, shape, symbolic function and literary associations or puns. 

10 Apr 2013

Nickk Hertzog - Nobody's Fault But Mine

Nickk Hertzog - Nobody's Fault But Mine

Opening times:
Thursday to Sunday
12 - 5 pm
11th of April - 21st of April

Opening reception:
Saturday the 13th of April
4 -7pm
Shop 7, Belgrave Arcade
1647 Burwood Hwy Belgrave

Nickk Hertzog is an installation and video artist and a member of ACAB Collective. His work explores the fringes and fractures in the urban fabric and the condition of the artist doomed to work in it. Nickk grew up in Tecoma and while he moved into the inner suburbs to complete his Masters, a strange part of his mind still rests in the Hills. Nobody's Fault But Mine is an installation based on the daily existential crisis, the pain, the posturing and the impotent angst that come with identifying oneself as "artist". We want to belong, but we want to be different. We wanted to be complicated, but now its all just too much. Irony can't shield us from the world forever, and that's what we're afraid of.

6 Apr 2013

Last days of show

Last days of Centre by Kiera Brew Kurec. Pop down to The Projects today to check it out. 

25 Mar 2013

T H E  P R O J E C T S  O N L I N E

C O M I N G  S O,  S O  S O O N